KULTURE is a Christian apparel line that believes in the importance of standing out.We chose the word culture because culture is the thing that steers humanities  thinking. We are taught to follow blindly and to never question, once a trend is considered cool by the culture, everyone seems to follow. We live in a world that encourage people to stay and think inside the box. KULTURE pushes people to go against the grain, to go against the norm and to not conform to it. As Christians, we are taught that because we are in this world does not mean we are of it. We are here to be different, to walk differently, to think differently, to standout.
The design behind the KULTURE logo is interesting. The logo is not really a K, its the cross attached to the letter C for Christ, which forms a K. The new formed letter K is identical to the K on the periodic table, which is potassium.  Potassium is an important element to the body. This element helps function the heart and regulates the blood. When we accept Christ he changes our thinking,  he changes the functioning of our hearts. Also in the mist of us accepting Christ we experience a spiritual blood transfusion, meaning he now regulates our blood.
I want people to be able to wear Christian apparel proudly. However, at the same time I do not want to force beliefs on others. That is why I use Roman numerals on some of  my shirts, they’re actually scriptures. If a person gets curious about the letters on their shirt they can research for themselves. And learn about who God truly is for themselves.
Remember you're not just wearing a shirt with a design thrown on it, each shirt  was carefully designed with a meaning behind it.
Thank You,